Where Did the Water Go?

Last week, Jared and I walked over some new ground that we are renting.

It *used* to have a pond on it.

pinecone in dry pond bed


Now, it’s just a dry pond bed in the middle of a field.


turtle in dry pond

golf ball in dry pondplant growing in dry pond

We are still hoping and praying for more rain this winter.

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About Jillian

Hey y'all! I'm a Florida farm girl in love with an Alabama farmer. I enjoy traveling, playing basketball, writing poetry, traveling and working in Haiti and watching Auburn football. War Eagle! www.fromthetractorseat.wordpress.com
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4 Responses to Where Did the Water Go?

  1. Mike Haley says:

    Where did the water go is also a cool Disney game that competes with angry birds, perhaps you should play it to learn ways to get your water back ;)

  2. I am fascinated by the the historical past of Ford tractors and usually question if Ford created a error in selling the tractor organization and reducing brand name recognition in building farm markets worldwide

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