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Hey y'all! I'm a Florida farm girl in love with an Alabama farmer. I enjoy traveling, playing basketball, writing poetry and watching Auburn football. War Eagle!

The Power to Make a Difference

School in the US is hard. I mean they expect students to come to class EVERYDAY, sit in an air conditioned room with new textbooks or E-books, absorb information provided to them by a highly trained professional and THEN the … Continue reading

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If Not By Land, Then By Sea

“…and if you will look to your left you will see the truck y’all sent.”   I whipped my head around just in time to see a greenish-blue blur behind a fence at a police compound.   What in the … Continue reading

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Tears for Haiti

“You ok?!” was all I heard as I blindly made my way back to the front of the “church” trying to see through a flood of tears. One of our Haitian translators and security guards gave away more than he … Continue reading

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Faith of a Mustard Seed: God Outside of the Box

Near the end of our trip in Haiti we went to the mountain village of Arachaie. This village had never had missionaries before and the voodoo leaders continually told the believers who met in a little blue stone building at … Continue reading

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Love Crosses Oceans

  Got crafty on this lovely snow day in South Alabama–here’s the result. Watch and then pitch in to help!    

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Haiti in Video Review

  Visit Give Us Hope Mission for more information about upcoming trips and ways that you can help.

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Wordless Wednesday: Haiti Edition

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