Welcome to the Farm!

Hey y’all!

Thanks for stopping by our new blog, pull up a chair and warm your hands—it’s winter time in Dixie.

Jared and I figured the best way to start this digital adventure was by telling y’all a little about where we’re from and what we’re all about.

flower and tractor

Home--during the summer of course!

I was born and raised on a peanut and cattle farm in Northwest Florida. My parents didn’t farm but my grandparents did. I spent the first five years of my life riding the tractor with Pa, “helping” Ma cook and coaxing cows to the fence with handfuls of rye grass.

As I got older, my interest in agriculture grew. I regularly butted-heads with my grandpa who wasn’t sure what to think of his granddaughter who would rather wear boots and work cows than wear and apron and cook biscuits. Eventually we worked through this slight detail and he let me help out more on the farm. (To read more about Pa and Ma check out my former blog: Restless Hearts.)

In high school, FFA fanned the passionate flame burning inside me and before I knew it I was actively involved in every contest, office and team I could wiggle my way into. After graduation and junior college, I moved to Auburn University to pursue a degree in Agriculture Communications.

And that’s where I’m at now. After an eye-opening summer in the Midwest working as an intern for a biotech seed company, a stressful fall semester and wedding planning on top of that, I’m looking forward to the end of my undergraduate studies and the adventure of starting a career, marriage and totally different chapter in my life all within the same month. Life is all about change and it’s definitely coming our way.

Now… (deep breath) how about a short tour of the farm?

Row of cotton

This is the crop that comes to mind when most people think about the South.

Most folks don’t recognize it until it looks like this though.


Even fewer folks recognize this beautiful crop –can you figure it out?

peanut harvest

Correct! It’s peanuts!

Peanut harvest is my favorite time of the year.

snake in peanuts

That is until I meet one of these.

Then I’m ready to jump off the top of the wagon to my death.

cows by hayring

This post would not be complete without me acknowledging

the cows that reside on our farm.

Mama cow and baby

They are cute.

They are colorful.

They eat alot.

The end.


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