New Arrivals!

Our small herd is growing!

Pa called my mom last week to tell us that there was a very happy, caramel colored calf dancing in the pasture. He had been born while mom was away at work and while Jared and I were at school. Thankfully, Greasy (the mama cow named for the “greasy” dark smudge down her side) didn’t have a lick of trouble. She’s an old pro. I’m glad Pa was there to keep an eye on her though!

cow and calf

Greasy and "Happy Feet"

calf nursing

Is that a milk mustache?

A day or two after Happy Feet arrived on our farm (yes, every single one of our cows have names–and I will continue to name them until we get too many for me to remember!) the cow named “Crazy” (a well-earned name) had her first calf of the season.

Crazy’s skittishness didn’t let us get close enough for a picture, but we did see mama and baby from a distance and both seem to be doing just fine. While Greasy is the type to have a calf and immediately rejoin the herd, Crazy tends to hang out by herself for a few days before she introduces the little one to the rest of the cows.

I guess mother knows best.



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