Spring Break(ing)

Last week on Spring Break, Jared had the chance to get in the field and start breaking land.

plowing also known as breaking

Plowing AKA breaking

I can feel many of you recoiling  through cyberspace as you read this.

In fact, one of you just passed out.

I can hear it now, “Break… land…? Why would one break land? Hasn’t the NRCS done anything for you people? Hello! This IS the age of conservation tillage!”


I made Jared take a glamour shot. Actually, it was for class but he was a good sport and complied anyway.

Yes, it is. However, we don’t have the equipment for conservation tillage in peanuts, so we’re going with what we have. Also, there are very few farmers in the area (the nearest I know of being two hours away) that practice conservation tillage with peanuts. Meaning very few people can give us advice.

Why aren’t there more practicing conservation tillage in peanuts in our area?

Well, some folks believe that the peanuts won’t peg* (pegging is when the flower on the plant burrows in the ground and the actual peanut is formed.) Some just want a clean ground surface. Some don’t have the equipment. Some, like me prior to this planting season, had never heard of conservation tillage in peanuts.

So we break.

Well, we break when we’re not broke down. Then we’re broke till we’re fixed so we can break some more.

Confused yet?

Yeah, me too.

*UPDATE– I did a terrible job of explaining pegging–so here’s eHow Home’s take on it:

“When the flowers fade, a budding ovary or “peg” begins to emerge from the area where each flower was growing, as the flowers are self fertile. This elongated stem grows toward the ground and will begin to enter the soil to form the peanuts. That is why loose soil is important; it is difficult for the peg to enter the ground if the soil is too hard.”

**UPDATE 2: If you’re reading this and you have conservation tillage peanuts–please contact us! We’d love to learn more about it!


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