Ag and Twitter? Hmmm…

Howdy Folks!

It’s been a while since I have posted and I would like to apologize for that. As our busy winter is winding down and an even busier spring is almost upon us, I would like to take a minute to talk about an interesting trip that I made between my last blog post and now. On January 8, Jillian and I went to Atlanta for an Ag Chat Foundation meeting. I’ll have to admit that I have never been one for Twitter… you know getting tweets ALL the time, every one asking questions or posting what is on their mind continuously, and getting all those “@#to” symbols followed by something that I had to look twice at to understand what it was. Heck, I aint been long just learned how to use email and Facebook so why in the word would I give a hoot about twitter? That is exactly what I was asking myself on our drive to the hub of the south.

Once we got to the meeting, I met some people whom I had heard of through Jillian’s Twitter account. These people were from all across the U.S. and were very interesting. I learned at that meeting, that there are people all across this country that are very passionate about agriculture and work hard to meet the demands of our ever growing population. People, who like me, love their work and enjoy telling others about where their food comes from and how it got there. At the conference we met dairy farmers from Wisconsin and California, a farm mom from North Dakota and people from industry leaders like AGCO. Not to mention a red headed woman from Memphis who talked about cotton ALL the time…

As I sat through this meeting I began to realize that all of those “@#to” mumbo jumbo symbols were people that were communicating about agriculture, the very same way we strive to do with this blog. People that behind all of those modern CB handle Twitter names were very educated folks making the most of their resources to bring food to the American consumer and preserve a way of life.

So while I still do not have a Twitter account, I do have a new found respect for those in agriculture who use twitter as a means of communication. Who knows one day I might just get all technical and get me one of them there phones that has a Twitter thing on it…

Until next time… keep the greasy side down!



4 thoughts on “Ag and Twitter? Hmmm…

  1. Jared darlin, you know this redheaded woman from Memphis talking about cotton was a bright spot for you! If for no other reason than you remember me buying you a steak last summer when we first met! Thanks for keeping up the blog & getting your story out here. We’ll leave the Twitter mumbo jumbo in your house to Jillian! (By the way, you go anything in the ground yet, we’ve got ANOTHER cool snap here.)

    • Janice it is always good to see you! I hope it won’t be so long till the next time. I am going to start running the strip till rig in rye cover crop next week so I can get my burn down out and stop that tall rye from taking up so much moisture. Until now we have been fairly dry down here, had some purdy ruff stuff move through last night and gave us some needed rain (and some not so much needed wind). It has turned off cool again from the unseasonably warm temps we had been getting a few weeks ago. I am very excited about this years cotton crop! As for Twitter… I think Jillian has got it covered!

  2. Thanks for the mention Jared. It so much fun to meet Jillian and you! Keep sharing your story whether you have a phone to do Twitter on or not! You are doing a great job!
    Katie the North Dakota mom

  3. Thanks for stopping by Katie! It was a pleasure to meet you as well. I enjoy reading about your family and farm ( I especially love the farm pictures. The land is so different compared to the southeast.) I hope all is well in North Dakota.

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