Agchat Foundation’s First Anniversary!

Last summer I began blogging as a way to keep up with my family and describe my experience of living in a totally different setting than I was use to. (i.e: urban)

In that time, I found an organization of farmers and ranchers whose purpose was to share their story with consumers. As I followed along on a Tuesday night twitter chat session, I discovered that these weren’t all “traditional” farmers. There were organic farmers, pro-biotech urban dwellers, dairy farmers, organic dairy farmers, ranchers, vegans, row crop farmers, extension agents, students, rabbit raisers, professional speakers—you name it, AgChat had it.

Diversity is one of the reasons I was drawn to AgChat. I grew up on a farm, but I didn’t know anything about organic farms. Or dairies. Or rabbits. AgChat provided me the opportunity to ask questions. With those questions and answers, I delved even deeper in blogging and reading others blogs. I got my family and friends involved. My dad, who doesn’t have an email address, even got interested in reading other farmer’s and rancher’s blogs.

Another great thing about AgChat is that it provides the average-joe who buys his meat and taters from a grocery store, the opportunity to see WHO is producing this nation’s food and HOW they are doing it. AgChat is bridging the gap between those that produce our food and fiber and those that consume it.

So, whether you’re a farmer looking to branch out or a consumer who is motivated to learn more about what you use every day, AgcChat is the place to learn to learn all about it!

Interested in learning more? Check out:

Want to dive into AgChat’s Archives? Check it out here.

Looking for farmers, ranchers and agvocates? Here’s a start:

Agriculture Proud

Ag–A Colorful Adventure

Pinke Post

The Dairyman’s Blog

Want more? Check out JP’s growing list!


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