This Calf Needs a Name!

calfThis little guy is a pistol pete. He’s spunky and curious and if his mother hadn’t of been so upset with his sudden interest in photography, I’m pretty sure he would have walked right up to me and licked the camera.

calfThe sad news is the little firecracker doesn’t have a name.

So, I am asking for recommendations! Drop a suggestion in the comment section below! Or, if you’re like me and draw a blank, comment on a name someone else suggested that you like. Nothing is too outlandish. I once had a beagle named Windshield Wiper and a pair of fish named Peat and Repeat.

Get to naming, folks!




8 thoughts on “This Calf Needs a Name!

  1. Moose!
    That was one of the names for one of the caterpillars that we reared in class this semester. There was also Conrad, Heimlich, and Arnold (Arnold was mine).
    Maybe Moose will be a name that will help him grow big and strong! 🙂

    • It’s funny that you should mention that! We have another cow named Moose! (And she IS big and strong!) 🙂 Do you have another suggestion?

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