Missing in Action

Jared and I have been kidnapped by life. Between finals, moving, graduation, planting, wedding planning and everyday life–we’ve been terrible about keeping the blog up-to-date. Our sincerest apologies!

Here’s what’s ha-happening:

Finals: Survived. ‘Nuf said.

Graduation: Awesome.

I (Jillian) was fortunate enough to have my whole family and Jared’s parents up for graduation. We had a great weekend showing my brother and sister-in-law around their rival town as well as taking in several of Auburn and Opelika’s best dives.

Planting: Jared has embarked on a grand experiment (for us at least) and is rolling cover crops down, strip tilling and planting directly into the brown crunchy mess. The good news–he’s already got one patch of cotton up! The bad news–we still desperately need rain so that the rest of the cotton seed doesn’t just swell and rot. He has tons of pictures of planting and some new rigging they put on the planters and strip-till rig to make it more efficient. So, look for a longer post from him in the near future.

…and now for the girly news

Wedding planning:

I have no idea what I would do with out my mom or my friend Carly. From meeting with vendors to actually designing invitations–these two are keeping me on track, on time and sane.

We’re getting close to the big day and both Jared and I are SO EXCITED! We’ve got just a few odds and ends left to do (example: barretts in my hair or flowers? knives for the boys or something else? brown thank-you cards or traditional white ones? Trivial stuff!) but we have all the big stuff (dresses, shoes, food, location, horses, etc…) done!

Hopefully things will settle down, our job situations will iron out (anyone hiring by the way?) and life will be back to normal.

…or as normal as it can be on a new farm!

So until then, keep it between the ditches!



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