(Not so) Wordless Wednesday: Cotton 2011

Recognize this?


What about the next picture?

conservation tillage, rolling cover crops

It’s the same field! The first picture was taken earlier this week, while the second was right before planting. Pretty awesome, huh?

A lot of our cotton is getting tall and needs growth regulator*, however, that which was replanted super late (or planted on “broke dirt” without the use of conservation tillage) looks more like this:

cotton in the cotyledon stage

Pardon the picture quality, my camera is down for the count and I'm using my phone.

 Up, but not nearly as big as the other. Which means, several upcoming major holidays (Thanksgiving, the Iron Bowl, etc…) might be spent on a cotton stripper or module builder.

For more information about cotton across the country, check out JP’s post on what other farmers are doing with their cotton crop this week.

*In case you were wondering, growth regulator is used so that the cotton stays a managable height for harvest.


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