(Literally) From the Tractor Seat

Hey yall!

I am actually posting from the seat (well arm rest) of a tractor! Jared and I have spent the day swapping sprayer nozzles, calibrating the sprayer and spraying growth regulator and foliar applied nitrogen.

Now, if you’re like me you are wondering, “Why would you put out nitrogen with growth regulator? Aren’t those opposites?”

Well, according to the brains of this operation (and that would definitely be Jared), the growth regulator should slow vertical growth while the nitrogen should set the bolls and help them fill-in. We’ve read good reports on this application method and are excited to see if it has the desired effect on our cotton.

It is important to note that foliar applied nitrogen (like Coron) is not a substitute for a good fertilizer program. This is merely a supplement we are trying during a very stressful year.

What are your opinions on the issue? I know there has got to be a few veteran farmers or salesmen out there that could throw in their ideas. What types of fertilizer practices are you employing this year?


2 thoughts on “(Literally) From the Tractor Seat

  1. I put a foliar on some of our soybeans this year, was very pleased with it. Right now I am concerned about bugs and fungus, so as soon as my sprayer is full I’m headed out!

    • Glad to hear you’ve had good results! Hate you’re having trouble with the bugs! We had a mess with the army worms last season, but so far they’ve been “kind” to us this year.

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