How to Boil Peanuts

Boiled peanuts are a favorite late summer snack for our family. When I was little my grandparents use to boil a stockpot full every week in order to supply the never-ending after school hunger of all of their ravenous grandchildren.

Here’s a short tutorial on how we boil penders in the Etress house: 

peanuts in the back of a truck

First, if you don’t grow peanuts yourself, find a friendly neighbor that will let you pull up a few green peanuts. It is important to have green peanuts instead of dried (nearly harvestable) peanuts because they boil better, taste heavenly and are easier to get out of the shell.

After you have your peanuts take a moment to thank a farmer. Farmers rock and they feed the world, so this is an important step! 

jared picking off peanuts

Next, grab a pair of able hands (and a peanut loving basset hound if you like) and start pulling the peanuts off of the vine.

dog eating peanuts

Be sure to toss the peanut loving canine a few. Just to make sure she isn’t cranky.

Next wash your freshly plucked goobers and put them in a stockpot full of water.

salting peanuts on a stove

Then, place your pot of peanuts on the stove and salt the heck out of them. Boiled peanuts aren’t boiled peanuts until you add lots of salt!


Also fabulous in boiled peanuts is Cajun seasoning. I use it just like salt.

boiling peanuts

Then, bring the peanuts to a boil. I boiled mine for 2-3 hours, but boiling time will depend on how many peanuts you have and your stove. Taste and salt as needed.

boiled peanuts

After you are satisfied with your peanuts turn them off and let them sit in the salty water for a few hours. It lets the salt soak into the shell to the now squishy and scrumptious nut inside.

Or, if you are satisfied with the saltiness take them up and starting eating!

Be sure to refrigerate after they cool.


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