Plowing Up Peanuts

The boys are plowing up peanuts in preparation for harvest later this week.

Gene's peanuts

Gene's peanuts.

 Uncle Gene’s peanuts are the first ones to be ready on the farm this year.

plowing up peanuts

Plowing up peanuts is a fairly simple concept. The peanut plow, normally known as a “shaker,” has a pair of plow points that go under the plant and lift it from the soil. Next, chains take the plant and flip it over the shaker inverting the plant so that the goobers are facing the sun to dry.

(Want to see what a new, shiny shaker looks like? Ooo and ahhh here)

Well, that’s how it’s suppose to work anyway. You see, the shaker behind the open cab tractor is a bit pesky. As in, it requires a little extra loving (aka shop time). It doesn’t like to cooperate. It’s old. It’s tired. It’s being forced to work. It just needs a little extra TLC.

TLC can be expensive. TLC can be worrisome. TLC can lead to busted knuckles and wasted time.

We don’t like to shell out TLC around here very often.

plowing up peanuts with the John Deere

The other shaker, however, does its job without fuss. It digs up the delicious little goobers hiding in the ground and flips them sunny-side up to dry.

Peanut vines, for harvest, must be very dry. They require a few days of sun after plowing before they can be picked.

Want to know what happens next?

Check out my peanut harvest blog from last year for a sneak peak.


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