Illegal Immigration in Alabama: Update

Chief U.S. District Judge Sharon Lovelace Blackburn ruled Wednesday on Alabama’s heavily debated immigration law upholding several provisions in the bill, including the requirement for schools to verify student citizenship. Other provisions are still under review, including criminalizing the act of transporting or harboring illegal immigrants.

The public has reacted strongly in this debate with protests, the latest being among college students at the University of Alabama. Protestors claim that this will encourage racial profiling and reflect an unpleasent era in Alabama’s past–Jim Crow.

While this is definitely not a cut and dry issue, the state is moving toward measures that will reduce the stress on social services that some believe are caused by immigrants.

How this will affect agriculture in Alabama or if it will improve the unemployment situation has yet to be seen.

For more information: –on religious liberties

Fox News –police prepare

NPR –general coverage

Chicago Tribune — general coverage


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