Cotton Harvest

Everyone knows that the greatest curse a southern woman can say is “bless her heart,” but have you ever heard someone say, “Well, bless her cotton pickin’ heart!” or “That just makes me so cotton pickin’ mad!”

I didn’t realize until this year, our first year planting and harvesting cotton, that there is good reason that “cotton pickin” evokes such strong emotions and often is used to describe great pity or scathing anger. It’s because cotton pickin’ is aggravating.  Granted, these phrases came along when people were still harvesting  by hand, but Jared and I can attest, that after all the breakdowns, stop-ups and hiccups we have had this harvest season, those statements represent some of the darkest words one can utter to describe an emotion.

This season, though troubling at times, has definitely been a learning experience. From Jared learning ALL the quirks on his new (to us) cotton picker; to me coming to the understanding that it will be easier just to burn all of our cotton pickin’ work clothes instead of trying to degrease them, this harvest season has been full of headaches, laughter and life lessons.

With that said, I want to share a few videos I took so that yall, my dear readers, could see how cotton harvest on our humble farm goes when everything is working right. So if you have time, surf on over to my YouTube channel and check them out.

See you on the flip-side!


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