Goliath the Rock and our Coastal Plain Soils

Uncle Gene and Jared are taking in new ground.  One field, had a good size rock (now nicknamed Goliath) that they decided to dig up to make plowing easier.digging up the rock

But they couldn’t find the bottom of the rock.


rock chips

Jared had my camera and took a few pictures…

from the hole

…and maybe a tough man glamour shot of Gene on the backhoe.

Jared by the rock

The rock proved to be too big to remove for a reasonable price. It would also be difficult to find enough soil to put back in the hole in place of the rock, so the boys have decided to leave it and work around it.


Rocks like this are common in coastal plain soils. So are fossil fragments like this.

alabama soil map


According to soil scientists and agronomists, coastal plains soils consist of consolidated marine sediment which was formed when the ocean covered Florida and most of Alabama up to the Piedmont near Lee County.

To find out nifty information about soils in your state, get to know the folks at NRCS.


3 thoughts on “Goliath the Rock and our Coastal Plain Soils

  1. My ex once found a rock like that right where he was putting in a swimming pool down here near the Gulf in Pinellas County. Not good in the middle of a pool 😉

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