Getting that Purple Seed in the Ground!

I swore that when I got a new camera I would begin blogging like it was no one’s business… Oh well, here’s to good intentions!

It’s planting time! Jared and the boys have been in the field late every night trying to prepare new ground, fix terraces and actually get this wonderful purple cotton seed in the soil.

cotton seed in hand

On farms where we aren’t using conservation tillage practices and were unable to plant cover early enough due to lease arrangements, the boys and I have rebuilt terraces by pulling misplaced soil back up to its “proper” spot. From there, the boys have disked, plowed and bedded in preparation for planting.

planted cotton field 2012

Following the contour of the snaky terraces provides some not-so-straight planted rows. Nevertheless, the cotton is in the ground. Now all we need is a good rain.

seed in the truck

Hopefully, it won’t keep us waiting like it did last year. Replants are no fun!


4 thoughts on “Getting that Purple Seed in the Ground!

  1. This week I have read of farmers preparing to plant, or planting, cotton, corn, barley, wheat. Connecting with spring coast to coast via networking. enjoying it and hoping you get your rain.

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