Sweet Home Alabama! Remembering the April 27th Tornadoes

Last year, Alabama lost 253 lives in one of the deadliest tornado outbreaks in state history. Donations and assistance poured out from all around the country. Several weeks after the storm, we visited friends in Cullman, Alabama to see their sweet potato and produce operation and offer any help we could give.




Thankfully, they had not suffered much damage on the farm or at their home place. We went back for a visit a few weeks ago and found that, while not everything was back as it was before the storm, people had started rebuilding, homes were being repaired and businesses were open again… even if it was in a new or rented building.

The changes I’ve seen in Cullman in the few visits we have made to Kress Farms this year were not something that could have been done alone. It took hours of service from volunteers, the National Guard and businesses that were willing to let their employees off work to help. It took donations and people giving beyond their means to help people they didn’t even know. The change has been remarkable. It restores and affirms my faith in humanity. It makes me proud to call this country and state my home.

Although the storms have passed, please keep these folks in your prayers. They may be past the clean up, but they are still dealing with the painful memories of that night.

On another note, our friends at Kress Farms are doing well! Here are a few photos of how they have expanded their operation…






…and a picture of their new toy!

Happy Trails!


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