Creaming Corn


I spent 8 hours Saturday creaming, bagging and freezing field corn. Some of yall just read that and realized I wrote field corn instead of sweet corn. Though it may be strange to some of my Midwestern friends, down here in lower Alabama and the Florida panhandle we eat MORE field corn than we do sweet. It creams better, it freezes better and in my humble opinion it tastes better… but I’m not much of a corn connoisseur, Jared however could eat it three meals a day.

Anyway, having never creamed corn before I got a LOT of experience Saturday, 175 ears of experience to be exact. The process actually wasn’t bad. We started off pulling the corn in the field.


We looked for ears that had dark brown silks in the top of the ear. The ears with the purplish-pink silks weren’t ready yet.

Next, we stripped the ear off the stalk and piled them in the back of the truck. Once we got back home, Jared started shucking and silking the ears and I started started creaming them.


I used a corn creamer. Some folks just use a knife. The process cuts just the top of the kernel off and then scrapes the starchy inside out into a bowl. From there, I blanched it and bagged it for the freezer.

The whole process was a little time consuming (I’m a beginner) but I’m sure that come this winter we will be very happy for the corn!

Happy Independence Day, yall!


6 thoughts on “Creaming Corn

  1. We folks from L.A. (lower Alabama) are like that. 🙂 Creamed field corn will be awesome. Ain’t nothing wrong w eating it on the cob either!

    There’s a video going around about how to silk corn in seconds. Holler if you try this. Basically…cut the bottom off, microwave, then hold the shuck/silks and shake. Ear falls out bottom clean. I expect it is easy to find on youtube.

    • Holy cow! I haven’t heard of that! We could have saved SO MUCH time doing that! I wonder if it changes the way it creams… or if you have to blanch it since it’s already been heated?

      For those who haven’t seen, here’s the link to microwave shucking method:

      Thanks Greg!

    • Thanks! I didn’t add anything to it to put it up. I blanched it (warmed it) on the stove for a few minutes after I creamed it and let it cool before I bagged it. I’ve never cooked it for supper, but from what my folks say all you have to do is add butter and cook it in a cast iron skillet on the stove. I’ll have to let you know how that part goes!

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