Fluffin’ and Pickin’


Today the boys have the wonderful pleasure of fluffing peanuts. (Notice the hints of sarcasm!)

We fluff peanuts for two reasons. One, it helps them to dry out on the bottom so we can pick them sooner rather than later. Two, it shakes the mud and dirt loose so that the pickers don’t get clogged when we start harvesting. The fluffer (which was borrowed from Mccord Farms! Thanks Dennis!) is necessary after a rain like we had Thursday.

There is a downside though, when you fluff you lose peanuts. Which means you lose money. As a producer, you have to decide whether it would be better to let the peanuts “air dry” and risk another rain shower and rotting vines, or risk losing a few penders with the fluffer.

Today, we chose to fluff…


…and now the boys are picking!
Happy Saturday y’all!

PS– Jared says the technical term is “re-shaker.” Personally, I like fluffer better! 😉


3 thoughts on “Fluffin’ and Pickin’

  1. I rolled some hay for Gene when I was in school. How many cows will a roll of hay feed and for how kong will ir last?

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