Planting, Pictures and Mishaps

Greetings friends! Here’s a quick photo catch-up of what’s happening on the farm.


This planting season started off with a few mishaps. As we were preparing some of our conventional tillage fields, Jared broke or lost a key pin that holds the pin in the hitch of the disk.

It was not a good day.

Instead of the hydraulic lines breaking off (like they usually do when we don’t need them to) these held strong. So, my favorite farmer had a wiley disk careening dangerously behind his tractor with no way to stop it. Luckily, the hitch jammed between the tire and tractor body instead of through the window. I’m thankful the man upstairs was looking out for him and the other drivers on the road that rainy day!


Despite a mishap or two, planting has been rather rainy and uneventful. (I’m definitely NOT complaining!) So far, we have 60 acres of cotton that has sprouted, 120 acres planted and a LONG way to go! We also have several hundred acres of peanuts to plant in May.


Prior to planting we had one field that the NRCS helped us lay out terraces on. As some here in the south would say, “that land needs to go back to the Indians!” It was rough last year, but NRCS has it fixed up nicely with drain tiles and so far it’s directing water nicely. The cotton sprouts above are from the terraced field.


In other farm news, our cows are doing great! We have had an awesome batch of calves this year with hardly any birthing complications. All of the mamas and babies are doing great!


Happy Trails!


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