Beauty from Ashes

She welcomed us into her home which consisted of a one room concrete building where her and her 5 children slept. She had a “kitchen” outside though to us it would look more like a camp site. Her dirt and gravel yard was swept much like our grandparents and great-grandparents used to do. She was happy and unhappy at the same time that we came a’calling. We brought her rice and beans as a Christmas gift to show her the love of Christ. When we asked if she went to church she told us she was too ashamed to.

You see, with no husband to work to provide for her and her children she had resorted to a life of prostitution. She wanted to go to church but she was too ashamed to attend. She did not want to continue with her current occupation, but she had 5 children to feed and no resources or skills to have another source of income. She was a woman in need of hope.

Our group prayed with her and encouraged her to attend church. Later that night some of the ladies in our group started brainstorming. How can we help her start a business? Our group spoke with her and others to assess their skill sets and determine their natural resources. The group is now trying to develop a business plan to help her and other ladies craft jewelry that can be marketed here in the US and that will provide a sustainable source of income for her so that she can be freed from the trap of prostitution.

Please pray with us that this plan can be brought together quickly and that there will be jewelry makers willing to travel to Haiti to teach their craft to this lady and others who need a skill.

UPDATE: As I was writing this story I got a message from Pierre and Lori with Give Us Hope Mission that the lady has given her life to Christ! Unbeknownst to us, the lady was a voodoo leader with 5,000 followers and had planned to kill members of the community through voodoo prior to us visiting her. They planned to go Christmas night and we visited her at noon on Christmas day.

After we shared the love of Christ she said that she had a burning joy in her heart and felt that she should go to church. While there she gave her life to Christ and asked to have all of her voodoo idols burned. This is significant because being a voodoo leader is a source of income because people come to you for healing and willingly pay for the voodoo services.

Please join with us to pray for this lady. Pray for her to find a source of income while the group develops the jewelry business plan. Pray for her to grow in the faith.

Pray for our group to gather the needed supplies and that people with jewelry making skills would be willing to travel to Montrouis, Haiti to teach these women how to make the crafts that can provide a sustainable income for their home.

If you want to help please contact Pierre and Lori at Give Us Hope Mission!

The lady asked the pastor to burn her voodoo idols!

The lady asked the pastor to burn her voodoo idols!


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