If Not By Land, Then By Sea

“…and if you will look to your left you will see the truck y’all sent.”


I whipped my head around just in time to see a greenish-blue blur behind a fence at a police compound.


What in the world was the mission’s truck doing there?


Our directors went on to explain that the truck had been seized by the police earlier in the week because they were sure we hadn’t paid all of the customs taxes on it when the director picked it up at the port. (He had.) But in true Haiti fashion the police had seized it anyway until we could provide proof that it had been properly handled… never mind that the truck had papers in the glove box and a tag on the back. Ahhhhh Haiti! This is commonplace and our director didn’t appear too worried.


We served in Montrouis walking to all of our destinations for the next few days… however toward the end of the week we started getting restless. The lawyer had the paper work but had taken the afternoon off to watch the World Cup. The lawyer had the paperwork but got held up in Port-au-Prince. The folks at the station had taken the afternoon off to watch the World Cup and the lawyer had missed them… on and on the story goes. We knew the truck would be released… the mission had all of the documentation, but would it get out in time for us to travel up the mountain?


As we were hanging out at the mission house after a day of ministering on foot, my mom saw some boys fishing. Through a translator she told the boys she would pay them to bring her conch shells. So they boys went out and brought her shells and conch for us to cook that night. It was a nice gesture.


The next day, still no truck…but the boys came back by boat.


We all went down to the water to meet them and to look at more of their shells, this time they had painted shells to sell as well. After swapping money, Justin asked Pierre to translate and see if they went to church or knew Christ. Over the next hour and a half, he had the opportunity to lead them to Christ and spend time telling them stories from the Bible. They didn’t go to church because they did not have nice clothes… only what they fished in, so we were able to bless them with clothes as well.

justins boat pic


That night, the lawyer showed up with all the paper work we needed to pick the truck up the next morning. The boys showed up everyday for the rest of the week to spend time with us and learn more about Christ.


Please pray for these new believers to grow. Pray also as they face opposition from voodoo believers.

Pray also that people would be willing to sponsor their education. $30 a month will cover their tuition, books and lunch.


PS–props to Justin for the photo and the title… I will unashamedly admit I stole both from his Facebook page 🙂 Thanks bud!


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