Blessed Beyond Measure

I have so many blog posts written and saved to post but it just hasn’t seemed like the time for any of them lately. Today though I am proud to announce the birth of our first little one: Harlie!

I have been nothing but amazed at the support and love that we have been shown through out this pregnancy, labor and delivery. There has been a constant stream of helping hands, gifts, encouragement and advice flowing our way. I honestly do not know how folks that do not have a strong family, church and community support system make it through this time of uncertainty and excitement! We have been so blessed with family that go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure we have what we need and my amazing work community has just taken me in and loved me like home folks! (Yall, I even had a student’s mom pull me over on the way to work because she thought there was something wrong with my tire and she was going to change it! Not many teachers are blessed to have multiple student families who take care of them like that!) 

On top of family and my work community, Jared and I have an amazing church family that has just loved us like Christ and lived out the Bible for us! 

My sister in law, I just can’t give enough credit, despite some hard work transitions has been my rock throughout this pregnancy when I wanted to freak out and control every detail she was there to provide some perspective. She even kicked some of the nursing staff out of the way during delivery because she knew how I needed to be encouraged to get baby here in order to avoid extra birthing measures. She’s a trooper and I’m so glad my brother picked her for me as a sister! 

…and then there’s Jared. He’s endured the brunt of crazy pregnancy hormones, my obsessive organizing, and what could have become a near death experience for an anesthesiologist who was running late with an epidural. He’s done all of that with grace and love. Seeing him hold Harlie for the first time with tears in his eyes is what made today for me.  He’s a trooper and a fantastic dad… (And he’s totally got the diaper changing down after H’s millionth meconium diaper!) I am so thankful he chose to love me! 

Thank you for your support and constant prayers! We are so glad our little farm girl is finally here! 



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