Jared and Jillian

Howdy y’all!

“From the Tractor Seat” started out simply enough. We were fresh out of college and documenting our everyday activities on our fledgling farm. Somewhere along the lines though, our farm and hearts grew a little bit!

Our blog, like our interests, has grown to encompass an entire other country! A few years after getting our farm started, we felt called to travel out of our “southern comfort zone” to Haiti. We have been so blessed by the work the God is doing there and so thrilled to be a little part of it.

We still farm in South Alabama but we also work with Haitian farmers to help them gain the necessary items they need to be successful on their farms. We offer knowledge, a helping hand and lots of prayers.

We’re so glad you decided to join us on this journey!

The Farm:

The farm is located on the Alabama/Florida line. Primary crops are peanuts and cotton with some corn and soybeans thrown in for good measure. Keep an eye out, we may be adventuring into new crop areas next year!

The Writers:

Jared Etress, a Alabama farm boy and  Auburn University graduate, is the heart of the farming operation. With an insatiable passion for agriculture, he is a devoted steward of the land and enjoys learning about new innovations in the agriculture industry.

Jillian Etress, a Florida farm girl and Auburn University graduate, is devoted to agriculture and social media. A lover of peanuts, poetry and the Auburn Tigers, Jillian is always up for a road trip or new adventure.

Jared and Jillian were high school sweethearts and were married June 4, 2011.


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